MAZON Taking Action

We Support: Letter Opposing Proposed USDA Waiver Rule Change Mar 19, 2019

MAZON joined 36 faith-based organizations to voice concern over the proposed USDA waiver rule change, which would restrict states’ flexibility to provide vital nutrition support to people who struggle with hunger.

We Support: Letter Calling for an End to Government Shutdown Jan 17, 2019

MAZON and other faith leaders sent a letter to Congress urging an immediate end to the government shutdown, which is having dire consequences for millions of food insecure Americans.

We Support: Letter Condemning Proposed 'Public Charge' Rule Change Sep 26, 2018

MAZON joined over 1,000 national organizations to strongly oppose the proposed ‘public charge’ rule change, which threatens the health and wellbeing of all of us.

We Support: Letter on Behalf of Women and Children in Need Sep 18, 2018

MAZON joined 88 organizations calling on Farm Bill conference committee members to protect and strengthen SNAP for the women and children who rely on the program. 

We Support: Letter Urging Conferees to Protect SNAP Sep 18, 2018

MAZON joined more than 120 national organizations in a letter strongly urging the 2018 Farm Bill conferees to protect and strengthen SNAP.

article Join Us: Jewish Clergy Sign-on Letter to Protect SNAP Aug 29, 2018

MAZON invites Jewish clergy from across the nation to join our sign-on letter calling on lawmakers to protect SNAP and the millions of American families whose lives depend on it.