MAZON Taking Action

article We Support: Call for Senate to Protect & Strengthen SNAP Jun 18, 2020

MAZON joined nearly 2,500 organizations in a letter to Senate Leadership urging an immediate boost to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and make investments in other critical nutrition programs with proven health and economic impacts.

article We Support: Effective Employment and Training Programs Jun 16, 2020

MAZON submitted formal comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in support of select proposals to improve employment and training programs to help SNAP recipients. MAZON will be be watching closely to ensure that USDA upholds its responsibility to its constituents and this proposed rule change is a modest and partial step in the right direction.

article We Support: National Anti-Hunger Organizations Denounces Death of George Floyd and Underlying Structural Racism Jun 4, 2020

MAZON joined the National Anti-Hunger Organizations (NAHO) in a statement denouncing the persistent structural racism that continues to plague our society. We condemn the killing of unarmed African American men and women and are deeply disturbed by the inhumane and violent death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. We must advocate and insist on a society that is just, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist. One where institutional racism is rooted out, and where the dignity of each individual, regardless of race or color, is embraced and respected. A society where one’s race is not a destiny for poverty, violence or hunger. In this moment, we recommit our organizations to ending structural racism and advancing racially equitable public policies that ensure access to healthy and nutritious food for all.

article We Support: Call for USDA to Extend Child Nutrition Program Waivers Jun 2, 2020

MAZON joined 83 partners in a letter to USDA calling for the agency to use its full authority to quickly extend the rest of the nationwide waivers, and state-specific waivers such as area eligibility for all child nutrition programs. This extension will reduce burdens on families and states to help prevent increasing child hunger. 

article We Support: Call for Colorado Legislature and Governor to Prioritize Hunger May 18, 2020

MAZON joined a letter to Governor Polis and Members of the Colorado General Assembly calling for the inclusion of food security in any future COVID-19 response planning.

article We Support: Faith Leaders Call for SNAP Increases May 18, 2020

MAZON joined national faith leaders representing a broad range of religious traditions and beliefs in a collection of quotes around the dire need to increase and expand Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) benefits. These quotes were shared to Senate offices as Congress considers another bill responding to COVID-19.